spots on skin blemishes

Remove spots on skin, how and with which

The spots on the skin may appear to hormonal causes. pregnancy or for taking too much sun without proper protection.
The skin blemishes caused by the hormones are similar to pregnancy may be caused by hormonal imbalances due to the intake of contraceptive pills.

The sun can also stain the skin and fixed making it more difficult to remove.

Once the skin blemishes are installed on the skin takes a long time to remove them entirely, paraellas we'll give some tips on how to clear blemished skin, home remedies and creams stain.

Home remedies for skin blemishes

* Exfoliate your skin once a week, below you will find how to prepare a homemade exfoliating cream.
The finall of exfoliation is to polishing the skin to remove dead cells on the surface of the spots.

* For spots on the skin ,use mask to daily crushed cucumber, blended or processed, use half an hour  and apply to clean skin.
* A solution for the skin blemishes anywhere on the skin can be applied with cotton hydrogen peroxide at 20 volumes, testing first the inside of the arm to prevent allergic reactions.

* The natural lemon juice directly on the stain.

* Another mask to remove spots on skin is made by grinding sunflower seeds in a food processor or blender to which you add lemon juice, the resulting paste is placed on the spots.

Stain Creams

Stain remover creams act on the skin by removing the skin superificial giving way to a new skin
Creams for skin blemishes mostly contain acids that are fulfilling this function, the most used products are hydroquinone, retinol and AHAs are acids in milk or fruit.
It is important to know that when you are using a cream stain can not sunbathe, first because if you want the stains disappear should avoid sun exposure and also because when he is treating the skin is very sensitive and affected more normal.
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