acne skin blemish treatment

Acne skin blemish

What are they?

When removing skin blemish, there are many different treatment, both with cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, natural medicine. Many ensuring quick and effective results, although not true for everyone, but depends on the origin, the level of involvement, skin type, etc..Below are some natural remedies that may be useful to clarify the pigmented blemish that arise as a result of acne. If you are currently following a specific treatment for acne, consult with your dermatologist if you can apply some of these home remedies.

The blemishes of acne are the result of which became infected and inflamed and then never healed properly, not everyone has the same skin and hence the ability to heal itself and eliminate scars, these characteristics are in the genes of each one.

Many individuals, but to ignore, have sensitive skin, which irritates easily and gives rise to several scars, these people were advised to take precautions to avoid unwanted spots from acne.

One of the main causes of the formation of patches of acne is the granite bust with his fingers, probably we listened to our dermatologist say "do not touch your face, apply your cream for only. This advice is not thought or thought to be generated without reason, the more we touch the affected area the more likely they are stains on it, let alone if we burst comedones in such cases the patches of acne may be at life. These scars may also be caused by a superficial acne badly treated, because of the use of creams or remedies incorrect or too harmful, and such cases are very common in people who "self medicate" and apply creams or lotions stronger than your skin can withstand the action gives rise to misleading the acne blemish.


• Lemon. Lemon juice is used, in addition to improving the symptoms of acne, to clarify the dark patches of skin that have arisen as a result of acne. To achieve this, to apply a little lemon juice on scars and leave for about 10 minutes before rinsing. It is always very important to be careful with the lemon because if one is exposed to sunlight even with the lemon juice over the skin could have significant burns and stains on the skin.

• Honey is also used to help match the color of the skin. To do this, apply a little honey directly on the face and leave at least half an hour.

• Vinegar. It must be mixed with a little vinegar water (a ratio of about one part vinegar to two parts of water) for not producing irritation and apply on face, directly on the marks (or scars that are very soft).

• Yogurt mask. Yogurt can also whiten the skin. Must be applied on all skin and leave at least half an hour so you can clarify a bit the tone of the blemish.
• crushed Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain vitamin A which is an antioxidant that helps repair and rejuvenate the skin.

• Aloe vera or aloe vera. This plant has many healing properties for skin. Helps wound healing and also functions as a bactericide

• Mask of oats. Place in a container about 2 heaping tablespoons of rolled oats and mix them with mineral water to form a dough smooth. Using a small brush, chill all over my face and let it operate until dry, then removed it with warm water.

• Vaporization of chamomile. Heat ¼ liter of water with chamomile branches boil until it breaks. Hence, pour the chamomile water in a container on your face at a safe distance, and cover your head with a large towel. Leave to act for 20 minutes.

• Mask of tomato and lemon. Crushes a tomato, squeeze a whole lemon, and add 3 drops of perfume and 2 tablespoons baking. Combine everything, apply on your face and leave act for 30 minutes. Make this mask 2 times a week.

Natural Home remedies often require perseverance and to see some improvement, we must continue for a long period of time. At the same time, it is likely that the results are not exactly the same in every individual and every organization, every skin and every brand is different. Therefore it is likely that for some people the results are better or become visible sooner than others.
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