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Acne skin blemish

This recipe is for blemish on the skin caused by the sun and for many skin problems. With those results obtained is more to acne.

You have to take a piece of aloe vera, open it in half and applied on the affected area. You repeat this often and keep their skin healthy and beautiful.

You must cleanse your skin thoroughly every day; otherwise the grease will accumulate in your skin. If you do this will prevent the development of microbes and the acne will stop. You have to use specific products for acne so that your skin does not dry and no rebound effect arising in the sebaceous glands.

Every day, wash your face with warm water and soap before going to specific sleep. Then apply and leave it on for all night disinfectant cream. Wash your face with warm water and then with cold water in the morning. Then pass a cotton swab with a tonic acne. In each of the grains should be a touch of concealer disinfectant.

Twice a week with your usual cleanser and a soft brush makes a meticulously clean, preferably at night. Clarifies and dry without rubbing, pressing, with a towel, and press the black dots with two Pads in the fingertips. Apply a disinfectant and tonic healing cream to finish.

I recommend for acne wash with warm water first and then apply milk of magnesia in the affected area. If the entire face should not worry that will not irritate or anything (do this only in the evening, at bedtime). Gives very good results in one week.

There are several natural substances that can be applied daily and consistently, directly on the blemishes on the skin to disappear as they are:

• Pulp aloe or aloe vera.
• coconut butter
• Baba de caracol
• Rosehip Oil
• mussel

In the case of aloe vera, I recommend that you produce the following remedy to remove skin blemish:

1 lemon
2 tablespoons milk
Aloe vera pulp

Squeeze the lemon juice and mix with milk.
Spread the mixture into the stained area and, when dry, apply aloe vera pulp and cover with gauze. A next morning, apply sunscreen to moisturize the area.

In the case of a pearly shell, you can choose yourself these shells on the beach and make them into a cream by spraying and then with water, to develop a dough that should be placed in the affected areas.

Also, you can exfoliate with a little sugar with honey which is applied in the marked areas and then rinse.
With this you will remove skin blemish caused by acne.

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