skin sun spots home remedies


A natural treatment and home to smooth skin spots. In particular, those that have been causing by long exposure to the sun, or in hours too harmful.

These spots are flat and brown, appear in areas of the body that are not protected from solar radiation, particularly the face, hands, arms, chest and shoulders.

Normal skin contains pigment-producing cells called melanocytes that produce melanin. If the skin fails to renew, there are stains. We must be very careful. The skin at some time a display of ill-treatment we give.

Something to keep in mind is to exfoliate the skin area affected, at least twice a day. And take note of the following home-prepared, for best results and very easy to make.

We need:

• 1 tbsp. ground horseradish root

• ½ tsp. lemon juice

• ½ tsp. vinegar

• 3 drops of rosemary essential oil

We continued mixing well in a container of suitable size (small) ground horseradish root with lemon juice, vinegar and the drops of essential oil of rosemary.

With this amazing preparation and using a cotton ball soaked in the mixture, or a sponge, you should exfoliate the area where the spots are. Repeat treatment once or twice daily.

If your skin is very sensitive, or irritating ingredients are somewhat reduces the frequency of use (do it once a day or every other day).

After a few days of application reported as spots become clearer.
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