treatment scars acne marks

Scars acne,Acne marks

Acne may bring many troubles to the sufferer. In addition to causing trouble and be unsightly, in many cases lifelong sequelae, leaving scars on the skin. Because of this, acne treatments aim not only eliminate existing pimples and blackheads, but also prevent any marks they leave scars for life, exist for this, treatment scars acne.

The scars left by the acne is due to grains that were infected with bacteria and were not cured or treated successfully. These grains never healed properly and ended up leaving its mark on the skin or acne marks.

The possibility of generating scars acne and acne marks will depend largely on the body and skin of each. Many people are prone to scarring of the skin before any blow or scratch. On the other hand, other people have more skin regeneration capacity, which prevents left scarred after suffering from acne. People most prone to develop scars are those that more properly should worry about trying to avoid that acne leave permanent marks on their face.

There are two types of scars caused by acne:

.Pigmented scars: These scars acne are usually milder. They are small spots on the skin left in the place where the grain was. They are due to pigment accumulation in the grain, when it disappears, is the brand. These types of scarring occur in people rather dark complexion.

.Dimples type scars: When the grain is gone, it leaves a small dimple in the place where the grain was infected. These scars acne are more visible than pigmented scars appear more frequently in people rather white complexion. For those who suffer from severe acne, is likely to end in scar and it will be important to treat acne as soon as possible to prevent its development.

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